Since Pink Ribbon Bingo launched in 1997, much has changed in the online bingo world. One thing that hasn’t is our commitment to our charity Against Breast Cancer. Many of our members ask us how we support the charity and where the funds go that we raise. Here we’d like to answer your questions…

How does Pink Ribbon Bingo support Against Breast Cancer?

When we first approached Against Breast Cancer many years ago, we asked them how to support their research in finding a cure against breast cancer. You might have thought that the answer is straightforward: money. But to your and our surprise, the charity was looking for additional funds and help in getting the brand out, supporting them with their marketing activities and covering their running costs for their digital presence. And this is exactly what Pink Ribbon Bingo does.

Pink Ribbon Bingo supports Against Breast Cancer by:

  • Sponsoring their website so that Against Breast Cancer can reach more people digitally.
  • Sharing their research news and breakthrough moments with our bingo community and their more extended network.
  • Raising funds for the continuous pioneering research into new treatments, tools for earlier diagnosis and advice to reduce the risk of recurrence and secondary spread.
Pink Ribbon Bingo Supporting Against Breast Cancer
Against Breast Cancer Fundraiser – April 2019

We’re very proud that we’ve been working with the same charity for many years. The progress and determination of the many people involved in finding a cure against breast cancer is a true inspiration. You and our members on Pink Ribbon Bingo play a vital part in this success story!

How does Against Breast Cancer use the funds raised with Pink Ribbon Bingo?

Most of the money raised for Against Breast Cancer covers the charity’s running costs and, most importantly, gets invested in their research department.

Their research focuses on three areas: improve detection, treatment and increase survival after a breast cancer diagnosis. Their research’s primary focus is to prevent the secondary spread, the leading cause of breast cancer-related deaths.

Improve Detection

How diet and lifestyle may increase or reduce the risk of secondary breast cancer developing to provide sound, evidence-based advice relevant to the UK population.


How to design better tools for earlier diagnosis of secondary breast cancer to increase survival rates.


How the body’s natural defences could be harnessed to design more effective treatments and ultimately a vaccine against breast cancer.

Support Against Breast Cancer By Registering At Pink Ribbon Bingo
Support Against Breast Cancer By Registering At Pink Ribbon Bingo

If you’re not yet a member, why not join the first online charity bingo site in the United Kingdom and support our charity Against Breast Cancer. Our members enjoy their games and win like they could do on any other bingo site. However, here at Pink Ribbon Bingo, we also support the fight against breast cancer.